Future Vision: POLICE


Baselayer Shirt

A protective base layer that monitors location and health.

Smart Radio

A rugged smart device that acts as a personal hub for all data (e.g., health status and location) transmission and voice communications.

Augmented Reality Glasses

These glasses will allow officers to see important information overlaid on their environment.

Badge ID and Camera

Body worn video camera is embedded in police badges.

Suspect Bracelet

These disposable bracelets record important data about arrests including any handoffs, and the health condition of the suspect.

Ballistic Jacket

An additional lightweight layer that can be worn over the Base Layer Shirt to achieve 100% ballistic protection.

High–Low Visibility Jacket

A uniform that switches between high and low visibility at the touch of a button.

Pocket Drones

Used to track and pursue fleeing suspects, these small drones can be worn on a gear belt or kept in a vehicle.

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